Built for the extreme sports enthusiast, the Push2Talk TF615 is a walkie-talkie toolkit.

Product Description

Tough and stylish with it’s long-lasting rechargeable battery and IP54 rating (dust and water resistant), it’s the ideal communication tool for those looking to stay connected outdoors.

Intuitive to operate with the on/off volume control knob, LCD display and function buttons, you can cycle through the various menu options to make the most of this gadget, with a communication range of up to 10km (subject to terrain and conditions).

The Push2Talk TF615 arrives as a pair and can be used straight out of the box, offering many feactures including a flashlight, vibrate and emergency button.

Free Voice Call (Instant)

Set booth walkie-talkies on the same channel, and just push the PTT (push-to-talk) button on the side of the handset to speak instantly, for free! Or utilise the VOX (voice operated) function to be operate hands-free.

Water and Dust Resistant

With an IP54 rating, you can be confident when using the Push2Talk TF6 outdoors.

Flashlight, Stopwatch and Timer

Switch on the handy flashlight or select the stopwatch and timer function in the menu to display this feature, ideal for sports events and new adventures.

Vibrate and Emergency

Never miss a call with the vibrate alert and ensure you are safe with the emergency alert via the dedicated emergency button.