The PD355 from Hytera is a business radio in pocket format. The compact design and intuitive operation make this DMR handheld radio your companion for reliable digital radio communication.

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Product Description

Digital mobile radio never looked so good

The PD355 handheld radio excels with its stylish and compact design in smartphone format and its intuitive operation. With a weight of only 160 g, it can be carried conveniently even on long working days.

Support of analog and digital mobile radio

The PD355 was developed in conformity with the ETSI radio standard Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The handheld radio supports the conventional DMTR operation and it can also be operated as an analog radio.

Integrated antenna design

The unique integrated antenna design enables excellent availability without a large antenna on the radio.

Affordable pricing

The terminals of the PD3 series offer not only many functions, but also a quick, no-nonsense start into digital mobile radio at a fair price.

Long battery service life

The lithium-ion battery (2000 mAh) supplied enables the PD355 to achieve an operating time of at least 12 hours in digital mode, with a duty cycle of 5-5-90.

Digital encryption (optional)

Basic encryption without using algorithms improves immunity to eavesdropping.

Mixed analog and digital channel

This function ensures that the PD355 can detect analog and digital signals and change automatically to the relevant operating mode.