The BD305LF is a compact PMR446 DMR two-way radio that provides clear voice communication and a lightweight but also rugged and robust exterior. High-performance, long battery life and simple operation make it the ideal radio for everyday business communication.

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Product Description

Analog & digital mode

Analog and digital mode The BD305LF supports both analog and digitalmode. Users can switch between the two operating modes quickly and easily.

Compact and lightweight

The BD305LF weighs no more than around 140 gand is impressively comfortable and easy to use. This pocket-size radio makes day-to-day communication noticeably easier.

Dual capacity direct mode

In direct mode two voice calls can be made on different devices simultaneously using the same frequency. This feature can be used to increase the radio capacity at no extra costs or frequency license.

Excellent performance

Based on Hytera innovative technology, the BD305LF offers excellent reception and an extended talk range. Good performance and negligible interference in digital mode provide stable communication. In digital mode the radio provides a long working time with up to 16 hours.

Clear voice

Use of digital coding and correction technologymakes it possible to transmit human voiceswithout any interference noise – even over largedistances.

Rugged and reliable

BD305LF is designed and tested to meet Military Standards 810 G, including temperature shock, vibration, high & low temperature and humidity. Also, lP54 dust- and water-proof design guarantees the reliability in different environments.


Adopted digital encoding and error correcting module, BD305LF has the ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency.

Voice announcement

Channel number announcement help the user to switch channels quickly and correctly, even in operations with low visibility.