NEW!!! AT-D578UV Plus and AT-D878 UVII

We like to announce the releasing of 2 NEW Anytone transceivers :

  • AT-D578UV PLUS: same as AT-D578UV Pro (link), but provided with expanded receiver coverage including APRS and air band AM frequency range.

  • AT-D878 UVII: same as AT-D878UV Plus (link), but provided with APRS® function”automatically supported by GPS” and “manual RX only”.



The availability is scheduled at the “end of February”, while the recommended street quotations (without VAT) are:

AT-D878 UVII: @ € 229.-

AT-D578UV PLUS: @ € 370.-


The current versions AT-D878UV PLUS and AT-D578UV Pro remain available within the sales range of Anytone at recommended street quotations of: € 329.- for AT-D578UV Pro and € 189.- for AT-D878UV PLUS (both prices without VAT).